Contemporary Porcelain Tile Design 

Negev exclusively produces and markets Novo digital porcelain tiles, known worldwide for their quality standards, design style, product consistency and durability. Weather-resistant and easy to maintain, they retain their aesthetic richness and subtleties over time.

What is new in these collections is a vast expansion in range and diversity, producing an almost magical ability to transport you and your guests in a fanciful expedition across time and space.

The magic is achieved with art and with technology. High resolution digital printing allows total artistic control over colors, textures and variances between tiles to convey authenticity: life-like replicas of stone, marble, smoothed concrete, parquet, wood, terrazzo, seashells and fossils. The inspiration arises from the tiles and conveys you effortlessly to distant lands or within, to the inner impressions of your heart, or the whimsical wanderings of your imagination.  

We welcome you on this grand tour of our latest porcelain masterpieces. Take off your shoes so you can fully feel the coolness and the warmth of the tiles at various stations of your journey. 
Above all, set your mind free. For a few moments at least, allow yourself to take wing and fly!