Negev, named after Israel’s southern desert, combines high technology production processes with top-grade materials and a sophisticated design sense to produce exquisite and resilient flooring and finishing products.
Negev features a design studio dedicated to developing and supporting a diversity of patterns and palettes, faces and shades.
The Negev Logistics Center offers expert consultation and on-demand support to customers and partners.

Our deluxe concept showrooms provide an elegant opportunity to encounter and feel with the senses the distinctive quality of the collections.

Negev Group is spearheading new Israeli standards in the production and marketing of products and advanced solutions for home construction and renovation, and invests considerable resources in developing and implementing its philosophy of protecting the quality of environment. 
Negev’s modern factory is dedicated to eco-friendly processes, recycling 100% of raw materials. 

Negev products are certified by the ISO9001:2000 standard, certificate 314 – the Israeli standard and the Green Label of the Israeli Standards Institute, comply EN 14411- the European standard and comply ANSI A137.1 – the American standard since 2012.

Negev has announced it is joining the Israel Green Building Council as a 'platinum' founding member, which recognizes the responsibility and impact of human activity on the environment, particularly in the area of construction. Negev's association with the Council is proof of the vast importance the company ascribes to this area, led by its CEO, Avi Motola.